Tenants Rights

Landlord tenant law protects the rights of residential tenants as well as those of landlords. The Law Office of David H. Abrams has represented many tenants in a variety of disputes. We have litigated tenant claims in both individual and class action cases

Many tenants suffer from abuse and exploitation at the hands of dishonest or predatory landlords simply because they lack quality legal representation and are unaware of their rights. Many landlords utilize lease agreements that unlawfully seek to provide unfair advantage to the landlord and seek to shift or waive the landlord’s responsibilities to the tenant. Additionally, some landlords fail to properly handle a tenant’s security deposit and will unlawfully refuse to refund the deposit after the termination of the lease. Good tenants, who have taken good care not to damage the rental property, are often shocked to find that the landlord has claimed the security deposit, and in many cases has demanded even more money, based upon false or grossly inflated claims for damage repair for items that are considered normal wear and tear or are part of a remodeling project.

Common areas where we may be able to assist a tenant are:

  • Defense of unjust or unlawful evictions.
  • Landlord’s failure to maintain the premises.
  • Unlawful handling or retention of the security deposit.
  • Abuse debt collection practices.
  • Defense of false or excessive damage claims.
  • Deceptive lease-purchase agreements.
  • Lockouts or utility termination by the landlord.