Consumer Rights Law

We represent individuals and families in disputes arising out of transactions which were entered into for personal, family, or household purposes. This can include legal issues such as: Defense of Debt Collection lawsuits; Consumer Bankruptcy; Mortgage Foreclosure Defense; Automobile Sales or Financing Fraud; Debt Collection Abuse (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act Claims); Predatory Lending; Enforcement of Tenant Rights and other claims arising under the State and Federal Consumer Protection laws.

Our practice began with, and has remained committed to, consumer rights for the people of Tallahassee and the Florida panhandle. David H. Abrams has been a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates since 2004 and as such has pledged to never represent the interest of any business entity against an individual or family.

Consumer Rights is a broad and important area of law. A consumer transaction is generally defined as the purchase of goods or services for personal, family, or household purposes. Common consumer transactions involve things such as the purchase and financing of a car, enforcement of warranty rights, a mortgage, or a loan for a household improvement.

Florida consumers are protected by both State and Federal consumer protection statutes. These statutes are designed not only to protect the consumer, but to also protect honest businesses from being competitively disadvantaged by dishonest or unlawful business practices.

If you feel that you have been victimized by a dishonest or deceptive business practice please feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation so that we may discuss your legal needs. For your convenience we offer our free consultations at my Tallahassee office and by video-conference over the internet from the convenience of your home or office.