Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a class action lawsuit?

A: Class action lawsuits are an economical and effective method of obtaining justice for consumers who have been cheated or harmed by unlawful or dishonest business practices. They are also very useful in protecting honest businesses from unfair forms of competition and ensuring the marketplace remains fair and honest.

Q: How large does my claim have to be?

A: Many consumer claims do not involve large sums of money. In fact, the vast majority of claims are under $1,000.00. In many of these cases, is it simply not cost effective for an attorney to bring a claim on behalf of an individual consumer. Likewise, it is often more economical for a business who has violated the law to resolve all claims arising from that mistake in a single lawsuit.

Q: Do I qualify for a class action lawsuit?

A: Class action lawsuits and class action settlements are closely reviewed by the Courts. A consumer seeking to bring a class action lawsuit must demonstrate that they are an adequate representative of the class as a whole, and that they have hired competent counsel, experienced in class action litigation, to represent the class in the lawsuit.