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Class Action Lawsuits

Consumer claims are often well suited for litigation in a class action lawsuit.  In many cases involving dishonest or unlawful business practices an individual lawsuit is not cost effective because the damages are small by legal standards.  However, when a business has unlawfully imposed unlawful small charges upon hundreds or thousands of people, the cumulative damages can be quite substantial.  

Class action

I have approved by State and Federal Courts to serve as counsel in class action lawsuits arising from claims such as:

  • unlawful and abusive debt collection activities 
  • unlawful fees imposed by landlords
  • unlawful security deposit claims by landlords
  • unlawful repossession cases

A claim may be able to be litigated in a class action if it involves:

  • an unlawful or deceptive provision in a form document such as a letter, notice, or contract
  • an unlawful fee, forfeiture, or liquidated damage charge
  •  systematic unlawful behavior by a business such that a large group of customers all suffer the same harm.

If you are a consumer who feels that you’ve been the victim of unlawful or dishonest business practices, or if you are a lawyer who is seeking experienced class counsel to help with an existing case, please contact me so that we can explore how I may be able to help you. 

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