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Auto Fraud

Being ripped-off when purchasing a vehicle can be a devastating event that has a server and long-lasting impact on an individual or family.  Without reliable transportation, many auto-fraud victims unable to maintain employment, get to medical visits, or further their education by attending class.  The laws governing the sale and financing of automobile purchases are complex, and dishonest car dealerships often got to great lengths to try and insulate themselves from liability for their dishonest and unlawful behavior.  Learning how to successfully litigate auto fraud cases is a challenge that required me to spend many hours in seminars learning from experienced auto fraud litigators and reading legal treatises while I gained my own experience. 

If you have been harmed because of a dealership’s unlawful acts and are interested in seeking justice, contact me for a free consultation. There is a limited time in which to bring your claims and you do not want to be stuck because you delayed too long. 

Here are some of the different ways in which car dealerships often violate the law and cause harm to consumers:

  • Failing to pay-off the trade-in vehicle.
  • Spot delivery – yo-yo sales. 
  • Providing buyers with CarFax reports for a different vehicle than the one the consumer is purchasing. 
  • Selling severely damaged vehicles without disclosing the vehicle’s damage history to the buyer.
  • Windowpane the finance agreement – dealership holds up the Retail Installment Sales Contract to a windowpane and forges the buyer’s signature on a new contract with a higher price.
  •  Collecting the fee for an extended warranty and then not submitting the fee to the extended warranty company.
  • Charging unlawful fees.
  • Misrepresentation of the finance agreement.
  • Odometer roll-back, changing out the dashboard to reflect a lower than accurate mileage. 
  • Bait and switch advertising.
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